3 Best Things One Should Know About Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

If you are considering adding a pool fence, there are various options to choose from. One of the most popular choices for home owners is Frameless Pool Fencing as it offers many benefits over traditional steel or timber fences. As a result, many homeowners have chosen this option when building their pools and continue to do so today because of its durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Thick tempered glass, making them durable

Tempered glass is four times stronger than regular glass. You can see why this is important for a pool fence, because if it’s not strong enough to withstand the pressure of a child or animal trying to break through it, you won't be protected from them either!
Tempered glass is used in car windshields and safety glasses as well as bulletproof glass, which means that its strength far exceeds what you would expect from normal window panes or shower doors. Because of its extreme durability, Frameless Pool Fencing has been declared an acceptable material for use in residential fencing projects.

Needs Just Modest Maintenance

If you were looking for a fence that required minimal maintenance, frameless glass pool fencing is the answer. With this type of fencing, you will never need to paint or repaint your fence again because it has been designed with an epoxy coating that protects against corrosion and acid rain. This means that the colour of your new fence will not fade over time!

Adds the aesthetic value of your space

Frameless glass pool fences are a great choice for anyone who is looking to add aesthetic value of their space. You can use it to give your home a modern look or create an elegant atmosphere.
If you’re in need of a fence that will help keep your pool safe and secure, then frameless glass is probably the best option for you!
In addition to its versatility and style, frameless glass pool fences also have many benefits that make them perfect for any homeowner with a swimming pool. Frameless Pool Fencing is one such company that offers high-quality products at affordable prices while still maintaining top-notch customer service!

Frameless glass fences have minimal maintenance requirements when compared with regular steel or timber varieties

With minimal maintenance requirements, frameless glass fences have a long lifespan. When compared with regular steel or timber varieties, frameless glass pools fence require:
  • Minimal cleaning
  • Minimal painting
  • Minimal repainting
  • Minimal repairs.


With so many benefits and minimal maintenance, it’s no surprise that frameless glass pool fencing is becoming increasingly popular. If you live in a hot climate where the sun can be an issue for your pool fence, then this may be the perfect option for you.