Glass Balustrades a Modern and Safe Solution for Staircase

Glass balustrades are the perfect solution for any modern staircase. They add a touch of class and elegance while also providing the safety that you need in your home. This is because they have been designed to complement your staircase rather than detract from it.
In this article, we will discuss why Glass Stair Balustrades are the perfect solution for any modern staircase, as well as their benefits.

Safety First

Glass Stair Balustrades are the safest option. They can be used on any staircase, and they are also a modern and aspirational design feature.
  • Safety first: glass balustrades have been proven to be much safer than wooden ones. Wooden staircases have been known to cause problems for both adults and children, especially if you have pets or small children in your home!
  • Glass balustrades will always be made of at least 10mm toughened glass. This depends on the specific design and loading requirements involved; for example, frameless and semi-frameless designs may necessitate the use of laminated toughened glass instead.
  • Glass is durable; it won't rust or hold bacteria inside its pores like wood does - making it an excellent material choice if you want something that will last long term (and look great too).

Modern and aspirational design feature

Glass balustrades are a modern and aspirational design feature. They come in a variety of styles to suit any decor, and they're easy to clean and maintain.
They're also incredibly durable. We offer a range of balustrade styles, including - Grecian style handrails and balustrades - Corinthian style handrails and balustrades - Roman style handrails and balustrades.
Glass Stair Balustrades

Available in a range of styles to suit any decor

Glass balustrades are available in a wide range of colours and shapes. The glass can be used to create unique designs and patterns that suit your home's style.
In addition, the glass is manufactured from quality materials such as borosilicate or toughened safety glass, which ensures its durability. The material also resists scratching and chipping when you walk on it or use furniture with sharp corners on them.

Easy to clean and maintain

The glass balustrade is a modern and safe solution for your staircase. It has been designed to look good but also to be durable and easy to clean.
The glass balustrade is made from toughened glass, which means it can withstand harsh weather conditions without cracking or splitting. This makes them ideal for areas where there are high levels of footfall, such as schools and colleges, hospitals and care homes.


If you are still deciding on a staircase design, we recommend that you consider glass balustrades. From the look of it, our modern staircase is a truly modern solution to all your needs.
We hope you found this article helpful in deciding on what kind of balustrades are right for your home or business.